The Minstrel Boy

An Irish tale

For thirty years brian Gallagher has fought to free Ireland from the British. Now he’s had enough. Tired and disillusioned, the man of iron has found something truly unexpected, something worth fighting for, love.
To begin anew he must turn his back on his old life. He must destroy the organisation to which he has dedicated his life, because now, it must destroy him. The IRA has a dark secret, a secret so devastating, so unthinkable, that they will hide it at anycost. Who is really in control of the IRA? Who is the mysterious Zeus? Why do the British want Gallagher to bomb London?
Gallagher knows and knowledge is power, too much power for one man.
Suddenly everyone wants him dead but Brian Gallagheris a hard man to kill, and now, he has a reason to live …

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