Emissary – There’s a wolf in the fold!

A deadly Emissary has come to the Land of the Free, he brings a message for the Americans. The war will no longer be waged on foreign soil, now the war comes to the heartland of America. For the Emissary human life means nothing, even his own. Only death has meaning. He will deliver his deadly message at any cost. He will bring war and ruin to the Infidels on their own doorstep.

Sergeant Danny McCoy, wounded and fresh from Afghanistan is the only man who knows how this insurgent thinks. They have clashed before in the high mountain passes of the Tribal Lands. McCoy may be able to stop the Emissary but who sent him and what is his real mission?

McCoy must prevent an American Armageddon but in an arcane world filled with treachery and deceit, who is the real enemy?

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