Piccolo the Panther

Piccolo the Panther was born in Scotland. His mother was a rare Scottish Wildcat (about twice the size of your cat at home) and his father was a Puma that escaped from a zoo! So Piccolo is a very exotic and unusual young Panther indeed, especially for Scotland where the Panther population is very low.

Some people think he is a dangerous predator and he is, but only if you’re a rat. (Rats are his favourite snack)  Some people believe that Piccolo is a myth and doesn’t really exist at all, but they’re just silly.

Join us in Piccolo’s woodland world and you will see that he is really very quiet, shy and polite. For a fearsome carnivore he’s quite cute. Share his woodland adventures, go on poo patrol and meet Piccolo’s deadly enemy, Lucifer the farm cat.

There’s never a dull moment with Piccolo around.

Piccolo the Panther Australia

Piccolo the Panther Canada

Piccolo the Panther UK

Piccolo the Panther USA